Welcome to the RefinishLine

Located in Plano, Texas, the ReFinishLine provides a broad range of furniture restoration services.  Our specialty is the complete stripping, staining, and finishing of wooden furniture. We also do touch up work on pieces just needing the luster restored or scratches and other blemishes removed. Minor structural repairs are completed during the refinishing process. Major repairs, including construction and replacement of wooden parts, are handled by our woodworking partner. We also repair and replace veneer.

The RefinishLine provides chair caning services including both woven in the chair and pre-woven cane.  The RefinishLine will select and purchase caning materials that will make your chairs look more beautiful than ever. Chairs can be touched up at the same time.








Our Director of Marketing says, “Bring that family heirloom out of the attic and let us work our magic, meow.”CatOnDresser