Terms & Services

  1. We provide free in-home estimates within 20 miles of the RefinishLine shop in Plano, Texas. Estimates include the price, start date, and estimated completion date.  For pieces further away than 20 miles, a mileage charge will be added to the final invoice.
  2. We provide free local pickup and delivery IF THE PIECE FITS IN MY RAV4. Otherwise, the RefinishLine will charge a pickup and delivery fee consisting of the cost of renting a flatbed truck from Home Depot. Customers have the option to deliver and pickup their pieces themselves. In this case, a discount will be subtracted from the final price.
  3. Estimates will be finalized once the RefinishLine has removed the existing finish and/or disassembled the piece. This gets to the real “character” of the piece and a fixed price can be computed.
  4. Payment in full is due upon delivery of the finished piece.
  5. If you refer our services to someone else and RefinishLine completes a project for them, you will receive a referral discount on the next project we do for you.